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Shamanic Healing


Every physical affliction, illness, injury, or disease has a spiritual aspect. Shamanic practitioners work on this aspect of afflictions. Various techniques are used.

When people experience trauma they often lose part of their souls. The trauma can be verbal, mental, physical, or sexual; it matters not. Healthy soul parts leave and a person is not the same afterwards. A person with soul loss "just doesn't feel the same after ..."; feels "like there's a hole inside me since ..."; states, "I just can't seem to get my balance back, feel disoriented, can't concentrate.”

Shamans were, and in some cases still are, critical persons in indigenous societies. They were sometimes called medicine men/women, but shamans often did more work than that. Core shamanism consists of a set of practices which are common to all shamans be they Sami, Australian, Native American or African. Some of these common practices are journeying to rapid drumming, rattling or chanting, entering a trance-like state, and visiting non ordinary reality in the lower or upper world where contact with spirits is made.

Non-ordinary reality is a spatial place where the compassionate helping spirits reside. It’s not a state of the subconscious, a hypnotic state, nor a dream state. It is timeless, close but far, dark yet light, neither up nor down nor sideways.

Healing modalities

When a healthy soul part departs a person’s body it travels to non-ordinary reality, often accompanied by a power animal who protects the soul part. Shamanic practitioners travel to non-ordinary reality in partnership with their own power animals who retrieve the lost soul part. Upon returning shamanic practitioners infuse the patient with the soul part. The healthy soul part often returns with fresh energy, new strengths, and lost talents. These gifts very often cause spiritual, physical and mental renewal for patients.

Every person has power animals who are compassionate helping spirits. At times they are forced away by some form of evil, or leave because of a person's behaviors, e.g. alcoholism, or they leave along with a soul part. Shamanic practitioners journey to non ordinary reality to retrieve the departed power animals. Shamanic practitioners can teach you to journey on your own so you can retrieve your own power animals and communicate with them.

At times the souls of lovers, children, parents, or other loved ones who have gone to the other side get stuck on their way there. These soul parts then hang on to the souls of those they loved in this reality and thus consume energy which otherwise would flow to the person in this reality. "I feel like there are cords pulling at me" is often expressed by my clients. Shamanic practitioners intercede during a journey to help the deceased person's soul part get to the other side thus relieving the client of this impediment to their own free flow of life.

At times fearful relatives, jealous acquaintances, or former lovers can capture soul parts creating links which tug at a client’s soul causing a variety of afflictions. Sometimes persons oriented to the dark side of things, known often as sorcerers, can send darts of ill intent to another person. Shamanic practitioners can find these links and darts and cut or extract them. The spirits I work with have been successful in this work. In severe cases the dart can be a powerful carrier of ill intent which completely possesses a client. . That adverse soul part needs to be removed through de-possession. Depossession is very serious work and I may well make a referral if I am not confident that I can bring the proper spirits in to act on behalf of the client.

Some afflictions such as point specific pain can be healed through what we call sky signals. This modality is often successful for treating localized pain. Severe bodily afflictions may require a dismemberment journey which will be undertaken only by very experienced clients under close observation by an experienced shamanic practitioner.

At times it is necessary to employ a large raft of people to support the shamanic practitioner in the modality chosen. A spirit canoe may be used, for example, to heal the spiritual aspects of major diseases such as cancer. A spirit canoe employs four or more persons who create a canoe shaped form around the client and the shaman. The spirit canoe along with its crew and passengers travels on water to non-ordinary reality to retrieve lost or stolen soul parts or power animals. These collective journeys are extremely effective for major afflictions because the high synergy of healing intent on the part of many focuses on one specific ailing person.


I always want to talk with clients at length prior to your visit. Often I will take a diagnostic journey and then talk with you again. Until I do this diagnostic journey I don't really know what modality I'll use for healing. After the diagnostic journey and our discussion we can either work here at RavenSites or where you live. If we work here we’ll either work inside or outside my healing lodge near Shasta River or on the land in one of several powerful spots. These locations possess spiritual power because they are focal points of earth energy.

The most important aspect of "where" is your comfort level. You will need to be very comfortable and open to whatever may or may not come your way from non-ordinary reality. Comfort leads to relaxation, which leads to openness and eventually to healing through acceptance. We can work alone or with close friends whom you may choose to invite along.

My fees will vary depending on my travel time and the length of the healing session[s]. I don't charge for the diagnostic journey. For work here I will charge $100 for an hour and a half session. Fees for traveling to your location will need to be negotiated. Every session includes Sandra Ingerman's book, Shamanic Journeying which has a drumming CD in it for your future journeying use.

I will be pleased to recommend shamanic practitioners and drumming circles in the area where you live.

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